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Bamboo collection

top carpet company, by providing various designs, is trying to make it easier  to choose and buy carpets . The bamboo collection contains 1000 reeds carpet with  density  3600.

   products  prominence , combined with a particular delicacy and anti-allergy, is a feature of this collection.  yarn height 6 mm,  background color is cream-light gray. Bamboo collections are 50% acrylic heatset and 50% bamboo fiber.

The reason why bamboo fibers are used in these products is that they are taken from nature and easily restored to nature. They are environmentally friendly and prevent the activity of bacteria that create an unpleasant odor.

  • 1000 reeds
  • Density 3600
  • emboossed
  • Yarn height: 6 mm
  • Background color: cream-light gray